Nannie E. Haskins Diary ~ March 10, 1863

Tuesday March 10th, 1863

Another rainy day. I do wish it would stop raining, and we could have some pretty weather. Yesterday was a beautiful day, but that is about all the sunshine we have at a time.

Well the party is over, and I am glad of it, and I didn’t go either, but I was tempted for I went and helped Mrs. McKeage all day, made her custard and set the table. Yes I set it all myself and Miss Maria said I had a great deal of taste and that she would know who to send for to help her. Miss Maria said she did not only want me to come down that night, but she was anxious. She wanted to send for my dress and to remain there all night, but I came home and stayed here. I would like to have gone down any other time for I know I would have enjoyed myself so much. I always do down there. Of course, she wanted to know my excuse for not coming, but I could not give it.

I have not written in here for a week. We have been having bad weather ever since, until yesterday which was a beautiful day, but last night it commenced raining again, and today it is very unpleasant. Mr Webb of Hopkinsville came to preach for us Sunday. He has been staying here and his little girl who is very noisy and is therefore very troublesome to me. Last night little Bettie McDaniel came and stayed with her. This morning Suddie came before breakfast and is here yet. They keep so much noise it is a perfect “bedlam.”