Nannie Haskins Diary

Nannie E. Haskins was born in 1846 and was the daughter of E. B. and Tennessee Stark Williamson Haskins. She was 16 and a Clarksville resident when the Civil War came to her. On October 6, 1870 she married Henry Philips Williams, and they lived at Greenleaf, Todd County, Kentucky. She had three siblings: Benamin Arron Haskins, Robert Haskins and Tennessee Stark Haskins. Her husband had four children when she married him and together they had six children: Haskins Williams, Benjamin Philips Williams, John Frederick Williams, Teressa Stark Williams, Robert Williams, and Lucy Stark Williams.

The following are several diary entries from 1863, transcribed by Phyllis Smith.

February 16, 1863

February 22, 1863

February 25, 1863

February 27, 1863

February 28, 1863

March 2, 1863

March 3, 1863

March 10, 1863

March 16, 1863

March 23, 1863

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