Nannie Haskins Diary ~ March 2, 1863

Monday morning March 2nd, 1863

I can not study any longer when the boom of the canon is to be heard.  There must be a fight going on somewhere.  Probably our men are trying to take Ft. Donelson.  I don’t think I have heard such constant cannonading since the fall of that place into the hands of the Federals.  Bomb, bomb it goes.  I do believe something is going to take place in our favor.  Probably the confederates will be here in a few days.  But I am rattling on too fast.  If our men get to Fort D., probably they will not come here.  Oh but if they do, what a pleasure it will be to have the “bonnie greys” to look at instead of the “Blue tail flies.”  I am perfectly disgusted with the color blue.  I never  want to see anything blue again.  Oh how I wish this war was over!  I hope it will not last another year, no not a month longer.  I wish the Yankees would give up.  They have certainly found out that they can not whip the southerners.

Why should the Yankees get no more pay?  Because they have received checks enough already.