Nannie Haskins Diary ~ March 19, 1863

Thursday 19th of March 1863

Last Sunday evening Major Bailey, one of the oldest citizens of Clarksville, departed this life. Monday at 3 o’clock P.M. his funeral was preached at the Presbyterian Church by the Rev. F. D. Wadlan. The house was crowded to overflowing. He was a peaceable citizen, a kind father, and a devoted husband. What more could be said of man! Every few days there is a new death to be chronicled upon the record Time. When this war is over, it will be astonishing to look around and see the many vacant places. Man is like a flower, in the morning he bloometh but in the evening he fadeth.

I have before spoken of the prisoners who were taken near here. They were taken to Nashville where they were guarded in the Market House. By bribing the guard, they made their escape. One of them disguised himself and went back into the city to see if any of them were recaptured, but it was not so, and he came home (which is not far from here). Some of his relations came up here and whispered it around among a few friends, but it will get out soon. Thank fortune so far none have been retaken, and how I do pray that they will not be. The many daring feats that will be enacted during this war; not half will ever be heard of.

Last night Mrs. Blotch and husband and brother, Mrs. Settle, Mrs. Fauntleroy, and Sam Yance came up after tea. Miss Margaret spent the night with me. We had splendid music. Miss Margaret played on the piano, Mrs. Blotch on the violin, and young Mr. B. on the flutina. Miss Margaret and myself sang several pieces together.