Memorial Ceremony on June 8th

The Friends of Fort Defiance will be hosting a Memorial Ceremony for those Civil War soldiers and veterans who are buried in Riverview Cemetery in Clarksville, TN on Sunday June 8, 2014 at 2 PM.  memorial small 2012
There are approximately 181 soldiers and veterans of the Civil War buried in this cemetery. 127 of them are casualties of Fort Donelson that were relocated from their original burial site in Clarksville. These 127 are buried in one mass grave. The other 54 men buried in Riverview are typically local men that served with either the 10th TN Inf, 14th TN Inf, 30th TN Inf, 49th TN Inf, 50th TN Inf, or 2nd KY Cav.
We would like to encourage everyone to attend this event. If you are a Civil War era reenactor, come in period dress, whether civilian, Federal, or Confederate. Riverview Cemetery is located at 635 N. Spring Street in Clarksville, TN.