Welcome To Fort Defiance

19th Century Verbiage

A heavy, clumsy fellow; a sturdy drone; a clown. "And lingering lubbers lose many a penny."

Go to the The Fort Defiance Interpretive Center

Fort Defiance and the Fort Defiance Interpretive Center are located at 120 Duncan Street, Clarksville, Tennessee

For directions to the fort and Interpretive Center, see Mapquest

Next Board Meeting...
Second Monday of the Month, 6:30 pm
Pardue Church, 1895 Memorial Drive

Our Purpose and Information about joining Ft. Defiance.

Our Board Members

Friends Of Fort Defiance

Friends of Fort Defiance meets on the second Tuesday of every month at Pardue Memorial FWB Church, 1895 Memorial Drive, Clarksville, Tennessee. We meet at 6:30

We welcome anyone who is interested in promoting Clarksville’s Civil War past and preserving and improving Fort Defiance.

Membership dues are
$15.00 per year for individuals
$25.00 for families
$100.00 for a corporate membership

For more information please contact Roger A. Tenney or any Friends of Ft. Defiance Board Member